• 'It's like not being able to see because it’s so dusty Gotta gotta go The rough and colorless air that surrounds me As if I’m lost, my heart stopped But you shined into it with your bright eyes With your special smile.' +BKPOP - rpg
  • 'We were always like this,
we turned away whenever we fought
Every night, I turned my back against you
The wind wasn’t blowing
but we were always cold
This continued for many nights' -CHB
  • 'Only in your line of vision
My lips can move
Let’s fill up the emptiness
With our expressions to give it meaning
Only we know this vide
You pull me over to somewhere' + plotting set
  • "Can have a moment when I'm unique With the unknown ahead and the ocean breeze at my face The sirens' singing tempts me to forget my aspirations They say every stormy wave is enough to make me drown" - CHB

  • bohemian fun
  • She in: shine out
  • Play it soft
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  • i can't breathe

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  • Canadian Tuxedo
  • Donut have time for you
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  • Happy Days

  • All Denim, Head to Toe
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  • Sporty Chic: Sneakers and Dresses

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